Logistics & Distribution

The logistics industry is a dynamic network whose core is essentially made up of companies that provide logistics services (i.e. trucking, rail, software, etc.) and those that consume them (i.e. manufacturers, wholesalers, distribution centers, etc.)

Due in large part to its close proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and its reputation as a leader of logistics, six of its ten largest companies currently fall under this sector.

1. Nearly 40,000 employees work in Supply Chain and Logistics, representing 35% of all jobs in Clayton County

2. Global supply chain conglomerate Shipper’s Warehouse, located in a 500,000 square-foot complex in Jonesboro, added 20 new jobs in 2013, bringing their employment to over 115.

3. Did you know that Clayton State University in Morrow is home to the Center for Supply Chain Management, providing the business community with access to talented supply chain management undergraduate and graduate students, as well as diverse faculty resources?

Briggs International President Mike Winemiller said cited Clayton County’s convenient interstate access as a major reason why company executives chose Clayton County.

“What’s great about this facility is the highway access,” Winemiller said. “Most of our employees don’t work in the building. They work out in the field, so to be able to come here, get parts, get things and deliver equipment — this is a very central location. You can get to 85, 285, I mean you can get all around town from here. That was a big advantage”