Clayton County offers aggressive, customized incentive packages for our clients.  Leveraging the County’s Tier 1 status, as designated by the State of Georgia, Clayton County is the only Tier 1 County in Metro Atlanta and offers the highest valued tax credits in Metro Atlanta.

Our most popular incentives include :

  • Job Tax Credits for Retail and Office Development – For 2017, the Tier 1 Job tax credit can be utilized any lawful business in Clayton County that meets the requirements of the program.  Click Clayton County Job Tax Credits (pdf) for more information.
  • Property Tax AbatementSpecial tax consideration through taxable bond issued financing for a qualified operation through the Development Authority of Clayton County. Click Property Tax Abatement (pdf) for more information.
  • Bond FinancingIndustrial Revenue Bonds are available through the Development Authority of Clayton County for real and personal property. Click Bond Financing in Georgia (pdf) for more information.
  • State and Federal Job Tax CreditsClayton County is designated a Tier 1 county by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and as such, offers $4,000 per job tax credit for up to 5 years, against state withholding tax for qualifying jobs. Click Job Tax Credit (pdf) for more information.
  • Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) – There are 4 Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) located in Clayton County, which offer infrastructure financing and special development incentives for qualifying projects. These districts were created to incent development in targeted areas
  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) – Clayton County is home to the Atlanta Tradeport FTZ.  FTZ is a federally designated site created to help businesses remain competitve in a global market place, with lower duties, reduced processing fees and quicker movement of goods from the port
  • Opportunity Zone (OZ)Clayton County has a designated Opportunity Zone located immediately east of Hartsfeild-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  This special incentive district provides for even more aggressive tax credits in order to spur additional investment in this targeted area
  • 100% Freeport Exemption – Clayton County exempts tangible personal property including inventory of goods in process of being manufatured or produced, finished goods manufactured or produced within Georgia, and finished goods destined shipment outside Georgia
  • Georgia QuickStart Training Program – QuickStart is an incentive to attract new and retain existing industry in Clayton County and the State of Georgia.  QuickStart helps companies start up and expand their operations by customized training programs and providing companies with a trained workforce in the shortest time possible.  The development and implementation of the training program and the implementation of the training program is a three-way partnership among QuickStart, the company and one of Georgia’s Technical Colleges.  Click here for more information.
  • On the Job Training Program – The On the Job Training (OJT) Program is a program that provides reimbursement to employers to help compensate for the costs associated with skills upgrade training for current, full-time employees.  OJT can assist employers who are looking to provide skills upgrade training in order to remain competitive and retain current employees. Employers may be eligible to receive reimbursement of 50% to 90% of training costs, based on the size of the company.

           Download Flyer (pdf)

  • New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) – The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) was designed to increase the flow of capital to businesses and low income communities by providing a modest tax incentive to private investors. The NMTC program attracts capital to low income communities by providing private investors with a federal tax credit for investments made in businesses or economic development projects located in some of the most distressed communities in the nation – census tracts where the individual poverty rate is at least 20 percent or where median family income does not exceed 80 percent of the area median. Projects with total planned capital costs/business investments of at least $2 million work best for NMTC.  A number of areas in Clayton County qualify for New Markets Tax Credits, in order to determine if your project qualifies for NMTC please contact the Economic Development Office of Clayton County.
  • Customized Site Selection Process – We assist companies in identifying properties and locations in Clayton County that meet your needs using our various databases, demographic and GIS tools.
  • Expedited Permitting and Plan Review – Clayton County is committed to processing all development and building permitting plans in seven business days for impactful economic development projects.

In addition to these local incentive programs, the State of Georgia offers a highly aggressive suite of standard and customized job creation and investment incentives applicable to all areas of Clayton County.

Click here to learn more about State of Georgia Economic Development Incentives:  Georgia Department of Economic Development